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At SMP by JOSHEPH Los Angeles, CA, we pride ourselves on providing great SMP Micropigmentation and hair restoration services for our visitors and clients. We offer a unique combination of outstanding premium organic ink products and talented SMP specialist that allow our clients to receive great SMP results.

Josheph SMP is a state-of-the-art scalp micropigmentation clinic providing the most advanced SMP treatments in Woodland Hills Los Angeles. Hair loss hits most men hard, and Joseph SMP aims to provide people with a rebirth of their image.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a completely non-surgical procedure where organic plant-based pigments are deposited into the scalp that mimic the appearance of hair follicles.  These treatments are done over 3-4 sessions and immediately provide a look that’s simple, yet life-changing.

I opened Joseph SMP with the goal of providing an experience different from the other clinics I’ve worked at, something more personalized and unique.

I’m happy to have you in for a free consultation, where I can evaluate your unique situation and give you all the facts, and I will be 100% supportive of whatever next steps you wish to pursue.

Although the end result of a perfectly shaved head of hair may look simple; it can only be achieved by treatment techniques that are unique to each individual, and that’s the beauty of SMP. No head is the same shape and the body accepts SMP differently for each individual, so I’ve devoted my career to take all of these factors into account, and use custom tailored treatment methods, from the shape of the hairline to the shading of the pigments, all to ensure that everyone else thinks you have a cropped and shaved, full head of hair.


SMP offers the supreme hair loss solution for general male hair loss sufferers. Various men suffer from alopecia and scalp scarring – this can often occur from hair transplantation and surgery. Unfortunately the options available on the market are few and far between producing less than satisfying results.

What is the SMP method and how does it work?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a very intricate and specialised process which results in a very natural and realistic looking form of micro-hairs in the scalp. The advanced scalp application process in which we use – usually over the course of two or in some cases three consultations – normally a week apart from each other, results in what is fast gaining the reputation as “the ultimate solution for hair loss” Alopecia sufferers can benefit greatly from the results and methods of SMP providing them with the look and style of a cropped haircut, no matter what their current hair loss situation is. Many of our patients and clients who were completely bald now have a natural hairstyle and design again – boosting their confidence and lifestyle.

SMP does not involve any physical surgery or the application of hairpieces nor does it leave any scarring or unsightly markings to the head and scalp, meaning you can approach the use of SMP with absolute confidence in both us and the method. The consultations which you would attend will offer in-depth knowledge and expert advice on the treatments and examples of treatments and results. After talking to our skilled and expertly trained consultants you will quickly feel at ease in the knowledge that we offer world-renowned aftercare and support throughout and after your treatment.

SMP is a highly advanced treatment and method that replicates genuine shaven hair follicles upon the surface of the scalp and creates an illusion that you will believe from looking at your reflection in the mirror – that you genuinely have hair where there wasn’t any before. It is fast becoming the next male grooming trend.